Why is the size of retrievable files larger than my original hard drive?

My 500GB hard drive crashed so I am now trying to retrieve my backed up files from My Book Essentials USB 3.0 via WD Smartware to put on my new 1TB hard drive.

I’ve read the user manual and it doesn’t really get into detail very much.

The software gives me the option to either select files to retrieve or to retrieve all.  Whether I select every folder (using the filter to not show older items and deleted items), or if I select retrieve all, the amount to be retrieved is 545.8GB.  

I only want to retrieve my latest and current files - not any older items and not any files that I had deleted before my hard drive crashed.  I just want my current set of files.  

But because it says that it is retrieving more data in size than the original hard drive had, then I’m sure it is retrieving all of the files that I’ve deleted since I started backing up a year ago.  I don’t want to have sift through every single folder and try to remember what I have deleted in the past year.

Is there any way to retreive ONLY the files and folders as they were after the last completed backup?

Hello mark100177, on page 35 of the manual you can see the steps to retrieve only specific files, click on the check box for the files that you would like to restore, once you are done click on start retrieving and only the files you selected will be restored. You also have a check box for “Shows older files” and another one for “Show deleted files”, you can remove the check box for these options if you don’t want to use them.