Why is the runtime displaying for ISOs but not VIDEO_TS rips?

I just bought a brand new WDTV Live Streamer, and I’m running 1.09.10 (the latest) firmware. It’s all setup and running beautifully, with one exception.

The cover art is being properly displayed for both ISO and VIDEO_TS rips.  Both rip-types also display the title properly.  The ISOs show the runtime below the title, but the VIDEO_TS rips do not.  I have to drill down into the folders to find the .vob files before I finally see the runtime.  I would love to convert all my folder rips to ISO, but with 50+ movies, that is simply not an option. Is there a way to fix this?  Thanks.

That’s because metadata and backdrops don’t display for folders.  You’re best solution is convert your files to ISO or someother single file format.

And 50+ movies isn’t that bad.  Let me know when you get to about 1000+.:smileyvery-happy:

If you install img_burn, then you can run a batch job to convert Video_TS files to ISOs - have a look at http://www.networkedmediatank.com/showthread.php?tid=37372.

Thanks for the replies. It seems like it should be very easy to properly support the metadata for folder rips.  They ARE correctly displaying the cover art.  So the firmware is already drilling into the folder structure to find that image. The xml file is right there with the cover art!  Hopefully the developers will add this minor addition to the functionality soon.  Please?!?!