Why is the optical light always on --> big problem with toslink splitter


I have a WD TV live and I’m verry happy with it. Works wonderfull and all my HD material is played flawless over the netwerk so keep up the good work!

BUT… for some strange reason the toslink light is always on, also when the device is off… Because I’ve got only 1 toslink on my amp I need a splitter to also connect my Xbox360.

Today I was testing but My Xbox did not gave me any sound. When I looked into the situation I discoverd that the toslink of the WD is always on!!! That scrambles the signal of the Xbox on the same time so no sound is sent further than the splitter.

Why is de Optical always on ??? (The xbox / minidisc / dvd are always off when the device is off)

Can I change that of can you guys put it in a Firmware update?


When pulling the powerplug and put the device back on the Optical light is out for 10 / 15 seconds. After that the light comes up to never go out anymore…

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You actually need a toslink switch, have a look here http://www.hdcabling.co.za/3-x-1-optical-toslink-audio-bidirectional-manual-switch-p-49.html for a cheap manual switch. Should be available for around $16.


This is the one I got.

I understand the working of an selector but it is twice the price of this one!!!

And if I do this I need to get up to the television deck to manual switch the selector.

But I want to know WHY WD always have the light on, also when it’s OFF! IS this something that the can resolve in a firmware upgrade?

similar problem here:


I understand the problem…

But I do not understand why:




TURN OFF the optical signal when they are off and why the WD player keeps sending light over the output?

I assume it would be something that can be changed easily?

Hello, I have the same problem. 

I was using the same splitter for the PS3 and Xbox without problems. If the PS3 is OFF, the sound comes from the xbox, and viceversa. 

The WD keeps always the light on, and the splitter becames to be useless. 

I assume it only can be resolved with a firmware upgrade. 

I think it is a big mistake. Do you know how can we report this fail to the technical support?

Actually I think as long as the WDTV Live is connected to power, the entire system is still running internally, its just not displaying anything on screen.

Someone did a test before I can’t remember where I saw it, but the power consuption remains roughly the same whether the WDTV is on or ‘off’.

Yes, I have seen on the other non english forum that somebody measured the power consumption and the results are: 11W during the playback, 9W when wd is on but idle, and 8W when it is turned off with remote.

Edit: I have just found that post, the guy said that thees are result when he had no usb drives atached, the playback was through lan connecion.