Why is 'Reply' dim

  1. Why is ‘Reply’ dim for the threads I need

  2. Those related to MyBook Home Edition, XP, True Image, Advanced Format, … Usually found in a type of thread called “Board” (not Community, catagory, nor User)

I just received a new MBHE 2TB but without any documentation.  What I’ve found is convoluted and only marginally relevant to my installation. 

  1. I’m hoping to save the backups from my old drive, and create a usable backup of my system and user profiles, settings, files, email, bookmarks, etc.   WDAB (memeo) has proven incapable.

  2. There was a hint that WD True Image might be able to do this, but might require Advanced Format, which might not be on my drive. 

The reply is disabled for old threads… once they get to a certain age, no more replies can be made… it’s part of the site’s housekeeping.

You’d just have to create a new message instead of trying to reply to the old ones… but you can always include links to the locked discussions if it will help with clarity.  (eg.  “I’m having the same problem as what was being discussed here:  url.of.old.post”)