Why is my SmartWare causing all of these errors?

I just installed the new (internal) 1TB WD hard drive I got for Christmas.   I loaded it with a clean install of Windows 7.    I figured that before I got too much stuff on it I would run Macrium Reflect and do a image backup. It didn’t verify as a good image.   I went into the event viewer and here were a ton of this code 33 sidebyside errors.

error 33.jpg

I asked on the windows 7 forum and they said it was a conflict, that the version shown is not the version I have.    When I installed the external HD (My Book Essential 2.0) would it still have the old updates of the firmware and software? 

How do I fix this so I can do a full C drive backup?    I prefer the Macrium to the Acronis.   With Macrium I can backup file by file if I want, with Acronis I have to back up the whole drive.   Same with the Windows 7 Pro.  There are times I just want to back up a section of a file.

I uninstalled the SmartWare through the control panel, but it didn’t make a difference.   Anybody else getting this??

Hello again. Are all of your important drivers and BIOS up to date? Your pic still hasn’t been cleared to look at faults. Something that might help you is to partition the drive. I’ve got a 750 G and used 100 for system and software the rest for data. Then you will be able to backup system separate and restore it easily with out disturbing your data. I’ve restored mine twice it takes less than 15 min. I make my image from Acronis and run from rescue disk. That way automatic updates don’t interfere or something like the defrag running in background. Some type of sync software might work better for your data also.


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Hi Joe How was your Christmas and New Year?

I should have partitioned it when I set it up but I didn’t know how to, got to do some reading to see how.   Does the same Acronis work that I had for my Vista (and different HD)?

How do you get cleared so that your pictures show up???


Well I had a sinus upper respiratory infection for a present. The Acronis should work is it the free version or a paid one? The partitioning should be simple and can be done from Windows and there are bunch of free tools too. If the External doesn’t have anything important on it reformatting might be a good idea then you are starting out all clean. As far as the pic it’s when the moderator gets to it.

OUCH sorry about that present!!!

I’m not up to speed on this formatting and reformatting stuff.  As far as the external drive goes, nothing on it that couldn’t go. (other than those **bleep** updates for firmware and software, and I’m not even sure they are on there either.)

I just went into the Virtual CD manager and hid that and I uninstalled the SmartWare.  Actually I did that “safely remove hardware” thing and tried to start over.   This time I didn’t install the SmartWare, but a box popped up and said it couldn’t find the driver for the WD SES drive or the PCI communications controller.  Doing a manual search right now.

Install the SES driver or you will get prompted for it every time the drive connects, this should take you through the format part http://wdc.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/wdc.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=3865 If the drive is clean it eliminates any stray information causing problem.


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