Why is my passport ultra read only on my Mac pro?

I don’t know why & how my passport ultra is only read on my Mac pro, so I wanna know how to deal with that. Thanks for any kind help!!

If it’s formatted for NTFS and you don’t have NTFS support installed on your Mac, that’s what’ll happen.

Thanks a lot! I have reformatted it and right now it works well! Cheers mate

I am having the same issue because I had to switch from PC to Mac for work. Were you able to re-install the backup software for Mac after reformatting? I am hoping to be able to use all the features that came with the drive when I first bought it.

No idea if my understanding is right or not, but all I can say is that you can FIRST copy the files from WD external hard drive (EHD) and paste to your Mac Pro/Air. As long as you finish, then formate (ERASE) the EHD (Click the ‘search’ button and type in Disk Utility, finding your EHD). You can choose the pathway for Mac only or both available for Mac & PC ( for I don’t know you will use it for pc or not later).

Here is the link I found from YouTube, hoping it works for you: https://www.youtube.com/watchv=HCcw7NkALkM

Or you can search the other walkthroughs from YouTube.