Why is My Book Live better then MyCloud?

Had a My Book Live 3Tb. No issues. Served media well, no disconnects.

MyCloud 3Tb. TV can’t even see the media and it continually disconnects.

Wish I never “upgraded”!

The USB port on the WD My Net N900 is a better option at the moment!

I also my Pansonic TV (2 months old) can no longer connect to My Cloud asa  DLNA Server. Simply hopeless.

“Maybe setting up the appropriate client in the twonky media server working in your Cloud according to manufacturer and model of the TV receiver will solve your problems.”

Sorry please explain. My TV is runnign the latest firmware. Nothing else I can do.

open up twonky by going to:

http://**your my cloud ip**:9000

There you will find the list of receivers that Twonky discoveret and you’ll see the profile it applied for each device.

You’ll need to know the IP of your TV and of your WD My Cloud

Thanks for that. Changed my TV setting to “Classic Media Navigation”…sees the drive…“connection to the server failed”.

Other ideas?


All I did was get twonky to rebuild it’s media receiver list. Somehow I think that fixed it.

It now plays everything including MKV from my WD My Cloud. Touch wood.

SO it stays up (sleep disabled)

Plays media

Only issue is no remote mapping of drives.