Why is my 2TB green drive very slow in W7?

I have an extra 2TB drive in my PC dedicated for only MP3 files (about 500.000 files).

When i use this drive under XP it is very fast.

When i use in onder W7, everything is very slow, even changing directories.

Sometimes more than 10 secs.

Why en what can i do to solve this problem ?


It sounds to me like the Power Settings on the one PC has the drive never sleeping, but the Win7 PC has the drive constantly going to sleep, and you keep having to wait while the drive wakes up.

I’d look into the Power Settings on the Win7 PC and see if you can prevent sleeping.

That is not the solution because even when the drive is not sleeping this happens.

For instance, when changing directories several times in 5 minutes it happens most of the time.



Can you monitor the disk speed in both winxp and win7?

With linux/unix there is ‘iostat’, but i don’t know about windows…

I have found this page:  http://www.performancewiki.com/diskio-monitoring.html

that mentions ‘perfmon’ see ‘windows’ section (i never used perfmon).

Check if the drive is really slow (since xp is not slow) or if it is doing something win7 specific. (for example

scanning the files in some form).

do you have indexing turned off or on in win xp and 7.  with that many files, it’s possible that win 7 is bogging down trying to index them all.  also, which pc did you format the drive in?  I think that’s an advanced format drive.  maybe it’s not agreeing with 7.

if the partition is not aligned, it should be slow on any os since it is ‘unaligned’ physically…

however… is the drive jumpered with the winxp specific algnment jumper? (or was at any moment in the past)

Drive is formatted in win7 PC.

I will try to switch indexing off because it is on now.


After long time waiting for switching indexing of, the drive is very fast now, thanks.


How did you do it specifically?

Right Click on partition in “My Computer”, and in bottom there is check/uncheck about Indexing files for fast searching