Why is my 12Tb Ultrastar seen as two 2Tb partitions?

I am using Windows 10 Pro (Version 20H2) 64 bit and I have just purchased a 12Tb Western Digital DC HC520 hard drive. When I connect my new 12Tb hard drive to my computer to initialize it my system sees two 2Tb (unallocated) MBR disks. I realize that I should use GPT not MBR however I worried about initializing the drive as two 2Tb disks because I want a single disk not two and it should be 12Tb not 2Tb. Please can someone tell me how I should be correctly initializing this disk?

For newer 12TB drives, make sure you are not using a generic external enclosure as some do not properly support larger drives, and will see them as 2TB drives, or only allow 2TB partitions while leaving everything else unallocated.

Aside from that, it should be set to GPT.