Why is My 1.5 TB register as a CD drive in Windows Explorer?

I would rather not use WD’s software, but it seems as if this is the only way.

Where is my Hard Drive…cant copy files to it in Windows


FYI Windows 7

I’m using Vista, shouldn’t be TOO different from 7, as far as the directory structure.

The software was an unnecessary headache, to me, especially since I’m only using it to store movies. If you’re just trying to copy files to the external drive, ignore WD’s software, go to Start/Computer. Here, under Hard Disk Drives, you should see C : and probably D : . The external drive should be listed there too, it’s listed as F : on my pc. I also show ( below those, under Devices with Removable Storage ) my dvd drive (E : ), and a cd drive (G : ) for WD Smartware. I don’t ever bother with that, no reason for me too. I imagine it’s supposed to be some kind of virtual run disc. All I do is open up that "My Book F : " drive and copy/paste files directly to that. I created a little structure there, made folders for movies, music, pictures, docs, and such. Copy files from PC, paste into whichever folder I want. The folders aren’t necessary, I just like it to be organized.

Hope this helps, or sets you in the right direction at least!

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