Why is it so difficult to copy a sd card to the pro

I’am really stuck with this one.
Connect everything the right way and have the option sd backup to automatic.
But when i put a sd card inside the pro nothing happens.
Why is this so hard just want a simple backup and think i will bring it back to store.
Can not format ntsf because my fuji xt3 is in camera format.
Can someone please tell me a important step that i forgot.
Got everything working an can also see the root of the drive with all that installed pictures and movies.

@Tasso please ensure that you have the latest version of the My Cloud mobile app (just released yesterday) and that you have Automatic Import enabled in the app

I already have the latest i cloud app and also import enabled but still not working. I downgrade to 1.03.04 and my wd pro is working. You must do a better job then this because a lot of people have problems with this issue of the sd and usb import.

1.03.04 is My Passport Wireless Firmware.
What I stated was to update the My Cloud Mobile App for your iOS or Android device from the appropriate App or Play store.

Yes i know this this is the firmware of the wireless my pasport. I got the latest i cloud app from the store but it’s not working with the latest firmware. So i downgrade to 1.03. 04 and now its working.