Why is it going to take 6 hours to copy 200 photos to my HDD?

I have an SSD laptop that is almost full. I’m going to move lots of photos (by directories, one dir at a time) to the HDD, as I don’t (and probably never will) have time to go through them and cull. My HDD has heaps of storage space.

I do recall moving files over seemed to be quite quick, but now it is painfully slow. The current transfer is 150 files, 280 Mb, and it shows 0% still. It says it has a transfer rate of 88.7 KB/s.

What could be making this feel as if it’s not actually transferring anything? I’m not overly technical, so bear that in mind with suggestions/responses :slightly_smiling_face:

You don’t say if you are using software or Copy and Paste.

If you are using WD Backup, then the initial copies will take a long time due to the need to organize the file structure on the drive, and it will take almost twice as much space.

If you are using Copy and Paste, probably best for your needs, but I’m not familiar enough to say why so slow.

If you are MOVING the files, try to find another place to keep a second copy. HDD have a limited life and once they fail you may not be able to recover without expensive help. It might be worthwhile to buy another drive after a year or so.


Also, you should use copy/paste instead of a backup program since the only way to view the files by clicking on them is if they are COPIES and not encoded backup files.

Thanks. I am using ‘move’, but I really have to make more than one backup? Wow, this whole backup thing feels like a big black hole. Might be the cue I need to cull some files.

Many thanks.