Why I can not map the External Drive using Mac

Hello Everyone, 

I bought the 2TB WD MyCloud and I am enjoying it. 

unfortuantlly, when I try to map mycloud on my mac, it only shows me the folders I created or already existed on the WD MyCloud. it DOES NOT show me my 1TB external drive that I have connected to the WD MyCloud. 

The only way to see it when I want to map it, is by making the external drive PUBLIC. but ofcourse I dont want it to be public, I want it to private and only accessed by me. 

so this external drive is set to private and full access was given to my username yet i can not see it when I try to map it, still I only see the other folders although I am connected to the drive with my user name that has full access to the external drive

please help 

Look at the My Cloud User Manual, http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/library/UM/ENG/4779-705103.pdf

See, Connecting a USB Hard Drive.


I have read the manual and it is only for windows not for MAC

so it was not that much help at all 

please keep in mind that I can see all folders when I want to map them except for the external drive unless i make it PUBLIC which I dont want to do… I want to make it private and map it at the same time to my MAC

that is my real problem 

Copied from the WD My Cloud User Manual


When you attach a USB drive to the WD My Cloud device’s USB 3.0 expansion port, it becomes a network drive. Now the USB drive has the following capabilities:  When you connect an external USB drive such as a WD Passport, a memory stick, or a camera to the WD My Cloud device, you can access it with Windows Explorer or Mac Finder.  The USB drive can serve as a target for backups in WD SmartWare, Windows, or Time Machine.  You can map the drive as a user share drive (Windows) or an alias (Mac).  If a WD external drive has been locked, when it is attached to the WD My Cloud device, it maintains that security and can be unlocked or relocked using the Dashboard.  You can attach a powered USB hub to the external USB port and attach up to seven USB devices to the hub.


Information at this link from the Knowledge Base may help.



Alright, so I always wanted to try this because my WD Mybook is Public and I have a mac… so I decided to test this out to see what kind of problems you might be getting into…

I set my USB 3.0 MyBook to private and gave two of my users access to them. 


The way I log on to my Cloud and map my drives are as follows:

  1. Connect to Server

  2. Browse (now for this to work, your device must be awake, either use the WEB/UI or connect to a known smb on that drive beforehand). You can add some to your favorite Servers which allows you to connect without having to browse.

  3.  you should see wdmycloud under Name

  4. double click and you should see all your shares. At the top it would say “Connected as: Guest” unless you have already connected as another user. Of which, only the shares that you are permitted to will be listed. But if you have no public shares, Guest will actually list all your shares private or public… it is only when you try to map out the shares does it stop you.

  5. on the right side you should see “Connect As”, click on that to connect as  

  6. enter your Name and Password and click connect

  7. now select the shares and you should see your external USB shares too. I’ve set mine to private and only my user name can access it.

  8. after mapping one share, you can click on the back arrow to select another share.

I hope this helps…

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As a follow-on to  Ralphael who spoke about mapping a My Cloud to a Mac I will add this…

When you add folders to the Cloud via the interface you must disconnect and restart the drive on your Mac to be able to see (and use) the new folders through the Mac Finder. Took me a couple of days to figure out the issue.

Once you ‘restart’ the My Cloud network connection in the Finder window the ‘new’ folders appear (that you have enabled for your login) as a location for files,