Why has the Western Digital RMA process has been outsourced to India and no one can help?

I originally submitted an RMA with two drives originally and I asked the Western Digital support to remove one drive and the RMA was cancelled after the call without informing me.

I had already shipped one drive to the Mississauga Ontario Canada location and when I logged into the support portal and found my RMA was cancelled/closed so I contacted WD support to get a new RMA created and they said it would be linked.

Every time I called in the tech-support said that I should wait 5 to 7 days in order to have the drive shipped. I shipped the drive back on Jan 22, 2020 and now Feb 15, 2020.

It’s just seems that I get a different answer every time I call and they have no connection between what is reality and it seems like they’re just reading a script.

They will say it has been escalated to the concerned department or let me put you on hold for 2-3 minutes while they seem to do nothing. I asked to speak to a manager (thought I would ask as it was during business hours) and of course no one there to escalate to except a “level 2 tech” which is probably the guy next to him. They explain they understand the frustration

At one point one of the tech said that my drive should be shipped between 24 and 48 hours (in email) and others confirmed my drive received and tracking confirmation from Canada post and said that the drive would be shipped from the new RMA number and another said with 5-7 days

How can we just have a simple escalation process for things like this?

Here I’m in limbo with a WD Red 10TB sent back under original RMA which is closed and new RMA opened which shows closed on support portal after last update I saw said waiting to receive 1 but when I check status of RMA on phone it says Open and WD Support rep says it is in booked state

How hard is it for warehouse to look up an RMA see it is closed and cross reference to another open RMA?

How hard is it to have an escalation path for situations like this? I suppose if the tech had just closed the original RMA for 2 drives and created new RMA on the spot it would have eliminated this issue and I would have drive replacement already

Is my drive lost or in limbo as I have confirmation of receipt

This is beyond frustrating. Have to consider another drive manufacturer next time


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