Why has `/etc/nas/apache2/auth/htpasswd` less users than the actual number of users?

How come /etc/nas/apache2/auth/htpasswd has only four users defined in it when there are lot more users defined via. the Dashboard UI and also who is . . . .

196042:DeviceUser:---<32 character HEX value censored>---

To me this means that user 196042 has access to my MyBook Live’s files via WebDAV and I didn’t define that user and don’t even know what that user-name’s passwords is!

I’m calling WD on this one.

Let me us know the outcome of your call. It’s not too much of an issue for me because at present I’m not using the remote access WD2GO at the moment. Especially when it has user names and passwords defined that appear suspicious and not ones I’ve created. Would be better if there is an explanation.

For example, it may be used by WD2GO and is needed for the WD’s remote access to correctly function. It’s just at the moment I do not know.

Wait, so, this user, user  196042, have access to my drive, if I have remote access enable? NO GOOD AT ALL. 

Pizza, let us know please.

I don’t know. I spotted this a while ago but have recently revived the subject as so far no one’s given an explanation why it exists.  There is an unexplained user defined within the Apache2 web server and no-one’s saying what it is and what access it grants let alone what is its purpose is?