Why has Dashboard stopped working?

I used to be able to log into the dashboard at Then about a week ago I started getting the message “Safari can’t log into the server”. I can access it through Terminal by using “ssh root@”. How can I get the dahboard to work again?


Are you able to access the Dashboard using a different Internet Browser? What if you perform a soft reset by holding the reset switch located in the back of the unit? This processes is not data-destructive as it only affects the Dashboard.

Tried Firefox and it does not work either. Is the switch you are talking about the recssed one that needs a paper clip to reach? That’s the only switch I see but want to be sure I’m doing the right thing. 

That is correct. It’s the paperclip switch near the power adapter jack.

Hold it around 20 seconds with the unit on in order to reset the Dashboard.

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