Why has 2 types of Firmware Version?

In my Mycloud, I see the firmware version is like 2.xx.xxx, however, I see many guys use 4.xx.xx or 3.xx.xx.
And I see 2 versions are updated at the same timeline.

What’s the difference between those 2 versions? Which one is better?

Many thanks!

Firmware 3.x and 4.x are for the first generation of the single bay Mycloud, Firmware 2.x is for the second generation Mycloud. First generation operates under Debian Wheezy and the second generation operates under Busybox. As to which one is better is really a personal opinion.

They both have issues, although different, as you can see from the forum posts. I would investigate the issues and resolutions you see this forum … do some google searches and make you mind up from there, I don’t think you can buy first generation Mycloud anymore … unless it’s backed-up stock.

This question has been well discussed in prior threads (found using the forum search, the magnifying glass icon upper right). The reason for the different firmware versions is two different hardware versions of the single bay/single drive My Cloud. The older first gen My Cloud use v3.x/v4.x firmware, the newer second gen My Cloud uses v2.x.

Yes it is stupid, and it is something many have complained about since WD first released the second gen units over a year ago.

Without any formal announcement of the new model, or acknowledgement that anything had changed, either…

Many thanks. Can I use the 4.xx.xxx to my 2nd generation mycloud? I hate busybox because it doesn’t support apt-get and the dpkg is hard to use. Or is there any instruction to install apt-get in busybox? I can’t find any useful one in these days.

No. This too has been asked and discussed many times before. Because the hardware is different between the two generations one cannot use the newer v2.x firmware on the older My Clouds and one cannot use the v4.x firmware on the newer My Clouds.

Plus you can’t use apt-get on 4.xx.xxx firmware.

Is there anyway to use apt-get in v2.xx.xx firmware? There are so many dependencies if I use dpkg.

The MyCloud isn’t really intended to be a general purpose linux box that you can play about with, and add packages and upgrade at will. It is a NAS, using a embedded Linux to support the operations of the NAS. If you start adding or updating packages, you may break the NAS function, since it is designed and implemented to use a particular set of package versions. You will also violate your warranty.

If you want a cheap linux box to play with, and run packages not present on the MyCloud buy an RPi.

If you really must run packages on the MyCloud, search the forum for chroot. User fox_exe has a hack for the v2 firmware.