Why don't DVD menus work for some DVD ISO images?

I have a large number of DVDs ripped to ISO in an office setting using a WD Live Plus for playback.  Some of these titles I have removed the menus with the ripping tools but other ones I have not.

On a particular few of the titles, when browsing/viewing in library mode, selection of the .iso file will result in a black screen on the WD TV Live Plus and at that point all subsequent DVD ISO playback will fail until I do a reboot of the system.

Interestingly, if I wait for the preview window to load up on one of the problem discs and then select the video playing in the preview window, the movie plays fine, but of course no chapter/menu support is available.

Can someone please tell me if this is a known issue that will be resolved?  This is really getting frustrating as the office staff doesn’t understand why some discs work and some do not.

These are all commercial DVDs ripped without any compression using DVD Fab.  If we put the same disc in the office DVD players they all play back without issues.

Example titles include Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, A Knight’s Tale and others.


I have exactly the same problem with iso’s created using AnyDVD and CloneCD. No consistencies I can find between the problematic files; some are from DL disks, others not. I have discovered 3 so far; D*CK, W, and MY BEST FRINDS GIRL. May be others to be found.