Why doesn't my 1 TB drive show as 1 TB?

I know this is probably ridiculously simple to you experts out there drawing checks from Western Digital, but why is it that when I try every fricking approach known to mankind that my 1 TB hard drive still shows as a 160 GB clone of my C drive? And why is it that absolutely nothing I try – having scoured your support base – works.

I bought a 1 TB drive. I want 1 TB of storage (not 160 GB with the remainder “unallocated.”) And, would it be too much to ask for your installation materials to actually, you know, be valid?

So, the “You” here aren’t WD. We’re all users just like you.

So please start by telling us what O/S you have on your PC.

Also tell us if this drive REPLACED your previous 160GB C drive and whether or not it’s your boot disk (as in, it has your operating system on it.)

If your computer is only showing the drive as 160GB, it is probably a BIOS size limitation. What was the original hard drive’s size? You might want to check with the computer or motherboard manufacturer to make sure your computer will support a 1TB drive.