Why does WD hate its customers?

My Cloud Mirror Gen2, OS3. Also various My Books. I use WD Smartware for backups between devices, then another app to backup to the cloud. It’s been working great for years.

I was assured by a tech that I could upgrade the My Cloud from OS3 to OS5 with no backup issues using WD Backup, My Book, etc. No problem, he said. No issues with My Cloud, My Book, nothing. Easy peasy.

So I did it.

It bombed like a nuclear weapon. I found out that WD Smartware is NOT compatible with OS5. And that after upgrading My Cloud to OS5 I can’t go back to OS3.

I downloaded the Desktop app - which they hide because they don’t want you to use it. Can’t log in. Can’t create an account. Won’t work.

It wanted me to register with Swisscom AND state that I was a resident of Switzerland. No, and that would be lying.

Found a WD page which said to use Acronis. Downloaded it. Selected folders to back up. When I selected the My Cloud device as the backup destination it wanted a password. Nothing worked - no the old stuff, not the new stuff, nothing.

So I now have a multi terabyte RAID 1 brick on my desk. I can’t back up files to it. I can’t recover files from it… I’m effed in a big way.


Thanks. I seem to have gotten back to OS 3, firmware 2.41.116. So far so good. WD Backup doesn’t recognize it, though. Hopefully it will in time, or after another reboot or two.

Downloaded the correct firmware for my device.
Downloaded Putty.
Enabled ssh.
Tried both IP addresses, got the right one (looks like one is for OS3 and the other for OS5?)
Followed the instructions on this page, which work with multiple (but not all !) devices:

I’ll be looking for a new solution, however. If WD cares, my basic requirements are:

  1. RAID 1
  2. Local backups, preferably using WD Backup, although there are other options.
  3. No sharing - not a media or file server, just local backups.
  4. No additional users other than root/admin.

So my requirements are really quite minimal, as I’m not using many of the capabilities that others are. My cloud (as opposed to My Cloud) backups are done using Carbonite.

@reubenstump24 WD Backup and WD Discovery are not supported by My Cloud OS 3 or My Cloud OS 5. The replacement for WD Smartware is Acronis True Image for Western Digital.