Why does time machine not work?

Hello, maybe an old item, but when I start up Time Machine on my Mac (El Capitan), the screen doesn’t show my cloud, but says to configure another Apple Time Capsule that is not in the list??
Somebody knows what to do, because this was one of the reasons to buy a WD My Cloud.
Thanks in advance,

Is TimeMachine enabled on the cloud?

Hello whsbuss,
According me: yes. Mac-back-up: Time Machine is on.


If its enabled, try a full reboot of the WD cloud

When I first connected my wife’s MAC Time Machine I used a hard wire to my router and made the backup. When I tried to connect via wifi I had to go through some gyrations on the MAC [this was about 2 years ago so apologies for not remembering] ever since Time Machine has bee working flawlessly.

Thanks for the response. I do not have an ethernetconnection on my MacBookPro. I just discovered that in Finder under apparatus there is no My Cloud visible!! May is that the reason, but the question is how to solve this. I installed everything according “the book”, but I am not happy that it is not working! Arend

Be sure the network name is the same on both devices. Its in the settings->network on the MyCloud

I purchased an adapter [Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter] to connect my wife’s MAC book pro via ethernet.