Why Does This Forum Censor The Word "S U C K S"?

Watch. I’ll type S U C K S without the spaces:  **bleep**

OMG! Even little kids use that word!!

I am amused by using the p a s s through…it censors only part of the word…passthrough.


I fixed the issue with words like passthrough.  However, the reason I filter s u c k s is because of how it gets used in combination with other words.   Please keep that in mind.  Now, personally, I use the word regularly.  But here in the community, it’s how the word gets used that becomes even more offensive.  So, if you see that a word is filtered, don’t try getting around the filters in order to use it.  Intentionally bypassing the filters to have your way with words will get you banned once you’ve been warned.  This is not a warning.  You’re question is valid.


The seven deadly words :wink: (George Carlin)

Anyway, now I’m curious, not being an a… which I can’t use on here and fully understand why…but why not ban just the words that get used in conjunction with the affore mentioned word?