Why does the My Cloud (file system) not support file creation dates?

One thing I really miss now that I’ve moved from using a My Passport device to a My Cloud device for storing/accessing files from my Windows 10 computer is that the My Cloud doesn’t seem to support file creation dates. That is, when I access folders on the NAS through the Windows File Explorer, the “Date created” value for files is simply set the same as their “Date modified”, regardless of the true value.

I suppose this is an issue with the file system rather than a My Cloud issue, and I suppose there is no real solution for me, but I’m wondering why are there file systems like this that are designed not to support this feature. I find it really useful to be able to order files by creation date so I’m sure others do too, and I can’t really imagine any argument for not supporting it.

The MyCloud is a Linux box.

It uses the ext4 file system for the user data. ext4 supports creation time.

But the Linux kernel does not have support for manipulating creation time; it is not required by POSIX.