Why does the info bar show up after pause?

I like the fact that you can bring up an “info bar” at the bottom of the scren by pressing OK during playback.

And it also make sense why it appears when you pause… But if you then close it, and hit pause again, to resume play, it pops up again? You then have to live with it for a few seconds until it closes, or hit ‘close’.

This makes no sense and is unlike any other video player I have seen… When you resume playback, the FULL screen should show the video.

Is there any way to turn this feature off? If not, surely its a bug?


You can only press OK to make it disappear faster or maybe even shorten the time it’s shown via theming.

Unfortunately Techflaws, the timing is firmware controlled and cannot be adjusted.

The only thing that can done via Themeing is Moving things around or deleting things.

XML Reference: video_run.xml  (or video_run_buf.xml on some firmwares)

Personally, i just press pause … grab a drink … come back and press pause again to resume playback.

Thanks all… I didn’t think there was a way to change the behavour, but I just thought I would ask just incase I was missing something.

I just find it odd that its designed this way… I know you can close the bar with ‘OK’, but its just annoying… When you hit ‘play’ (after pausing) it should go back to playing the video, not popping up an info bar.


I couldn’t agree more. The info bar is a pain in butt, particularly if you’re pausing to read a subtitle as bar obscures the sub. Extra step in having to push OK button to close info bar. Rinse and repeat each time you pause to check/read a sub that you didn’t catch the first time.

I’d be great if an option existed to simply disable the info bar. Or if there were a dedicated remote button to display it, otherwise it remains disabled when a movie is paused.

I don’t think it’s something WD will address this anytime soon (or at all) … as all WDTV Media Players display the “Info Bar” in this way.

But, via a simple theme edit the “Info Bar” can be moved to the top of the screen (allowing subtitles to be read while in pause mode)

Or the other edit can be to simply remove the “Info Bar”

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Thanks for the suggestion. Could you please provide specific instructions for editing the theme so as to remove the info bar. Much appreciated!

at the bottom of this post of mine will remove pretty much everything *instruction provided how to upload*


To explain how the video_run.xml works ...

Subtitle / Audio info (displayed at the top left of screen)

Dark Diffuse Overlay Png Graphic

Info Bar Background Graphic

Movie / Tv Thumbnail Image

Name of the file playing

Info Bar including the Progress ball Graphic

Play, Rew, FF Graphic

Current Time and Duration Text

x2 x4 x8 x16 Text

Star and Heart Graphics

Delete whatever you don't want to display.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<button valkey="CLOSE"/>
<button valkey="SKIP_TIME"/>
<wrapper disable="@@disable_subtitle_audio_info">
<image image="image/video_playback_subtitle_info_bg.png" x="70" y="36" w="310" h="83"/>
<text text="@@subtitle_info" x="87" y="53" w="276" h="22" fontsize="20" textcolor="0xffffff" align="left" speed="1" delay="2"/>
<text text="@@audio_info" x="87" y="83" w="276" h="22" fontsize="20" textcolor="0xffffff" align="left" speed="1" delay="2"/>

<!-- information time info -->

<wrapper disable="@@disable_time_info">
<image image="@@video_time_info_area" x="0" y="0" w="1280" h="720" bg="1"/>
<image image="image/video_playing_bar_bg.png" x="70" y="644" w="1141" h="50"/>
<image image="@@file_album" default_image="@@default_thumbnail" x="70" y="494" w="100" h="139" scale="100"/>
<text text="@@filename" x="184" y="555" w="740" h="48" fontsize="44" textcolor="0xffffff" speed="1" delay="2" align="left" auto_translate="1"/>

<image image="@@file_rating" x="186" y="609" w="124" h="21"/>
<image image="@@file_favorite" x="324" y="609" w="23" h="21"/>
<image image="@@speed_state" x="89" y="658" w="30" h="23"/>
<text text="@@speed_value" x="120" y="657" w="33" h="22" fontsize="20" align="left"/>

<progress_bar name="video_time_bar" x="162" y="662" w="832" h="14" pb_back_img="image/video_playback_playing_progress_bar_bg.png" pb_front_img="image/video_playback_playing_progress_bar.png" pb_point_img="image/playing_progress_bar_point.png" pb_delay="500"/>

<text text="@@current_time" x="999" y="661" w="103" h="22" fontsize="20" align="right"/>
<text text="@@duration_time" x="1108" y="661" w="96" h="22" fontsize="20" align="left"/>

<text x="941" y="564" w="260" h="32" text="$$Close" align="right"
fontsize="30" textcolor="0xc1c1c1" active="@@act-CLOSE" selected="sel-CLOSE"
actnoseltextcolor="0x07b5ff" activetextcolor="0x07b5ff" disable="@@disable-CLOSE"/>
<text x="701" y="606" w="500" h="32" text="$$Enter Desired Time" align="right"
fontsize="30" textcolor="0xc1c1c1" active="@@act-SKIP_TIME" selected="sel-SKIP_TIME"
actnoseltextcolor="0x07b5ff" activetextcolor="0x07b5ff" disable="@@disable-SKIP_TIME"/>

<image image="@@shufle-ico" x="1234" y="599" w="48" h="36"/>
<image image="@@wrongkeyicon" x="563" y="282" w="154" h="155" align="hcenter" />
<image image="@@keyicon" x="1063" y="71" w="65" h="45" align="hcenter" />
<text text="@@info_now_playing" x="65" y="18" w="243" h="31" fontsize="26"/>
<include filename="./ipcam_pip_win.xml" />
<text text="@@mod_txt" x="162" y="186" w="958" h="34" fontsize="30" textcolor="0xffffff" align="hcenter" auto_translate="1"/>
<text x="450" y="160" w="372" h="26" text="@@text-OPTION" fontsize="24" textcolor="0x07b5ff" align="hcenter" disable="@@disable-text-options"/>
<image image="@@mod_img" x="1063" y="71" w="107" h="107"/>

<image image="@@info_mute_icon" x="1162" y="49" w="48" h="48"/>

Whenever you edit an XML ... you need to zip it at "Root" level and include a meta.xml (you'll find one in the above link) using NO Compression (or "Store" option in your zip program)

Then follow the instructions in the link above how to upload it.


Thanks Joey!