Why does My Passport 4T only have 1T storage space ('pilot error' - all is good)

My Passport 4T only has 1T storage space
after conducting multiple backups for a Microsoft 10 PC to My Passport, sold as having 4T capacity, I received ‘out of space’ errors. Come to find out I need to reformat the My Passport, and change to exFAT, which ‘should’ fix the problem. I had to purchase ANOTHER external hard drive (grrr) to migrate the previously backed up data onto, and have now reformatted the previously mentioned My Passport to exFAT. Now in reviewing the Properties, it shows 1T of volume - and STILL does not have 4T, which is what I purchased.
The ‘New Simple Volume Wizard’ only permits maximum volume size 953834 AND will not let me create any additional ‘New Simple Volumes’ to increase. What am I missing? How do I get it to increase to the purchased volume? Are 2T, 3T, 4T volumes just a myth? Thank you for any responses.

Absolutely not.

If indeed it’s a 4TB drive, it should work out of the box as 4TB with no formatting required.

Open the DIsk Management app on your PC.

Find the volume you’re talking about (probably has a drive letter assigned, too) in the top half of the window and click it.

That will then highlight the same volume in the lower half of the window. Take a screen capture of what it shows you there and post it.

Also, right-click the “Disk X” (whatever number) for that disk drive, click PROPERTIES, and post a screenshot of that as well.

Thank you so much for the response! Well, this is humbling… purchased this a couple years ago (& no longer have original pckg) but noted that it was 4T. Got out a magnifying glass to see the Model number, so could add to response and screen shots, - but double checked it online. Great, is a 1T not 4T… ugh. Well, problem solved. Thank you again for the response, but complete Pilot Error and problem solved :woman_facepalming:

Heh… :wink:

No problem. Good luck.