Why does my My Cloud ethernet connection fail?

I recently dragged out my unused My Cloud and plugged it into my network (Netgear N450/CG3000Dv2, Macbook Pro 10.10.5) then booted up the My Cloud. Ethernet connects for about three seconds then the ethernet light goes out as the My Cloud system boots. Light on the front of the My Cloud flashes orange to indicate no connection. Swap ethernet ports. Same thing. Swap cable. Same thing. The last time I used it was on a different modem/router so I went into the Netgear settings and disabled all firewalls etc. No dice. Did a soft reset and hard reset of the My Cloud. Zip in the way of action. Wondering what I need to do now. Firmware update seems out of the question as I can’t see the drive at all. All tips appreciated!

Without direct access to MyCloud it’s hard to tell. It could be the port on MyCloud gone bust. Do you still have your old router to test? Or connect it directly to your MacBook and configure static IPs or internet sharing see if it still flash orange?

Or plug directly into the MBP to see if it’s the router problem.

But it does sound like a MyCloud ethernet port problem; not the first reported here.

Do look here, though:

Thanks for your responses. Much appreciated. When I plug direct to Macbook it doesn’t show up as an ethernet connection at all, so that suggests dead ethernet plug on the My Cloud. Looks like I need to take a walk down to the local tech guy.