Why does it say 'partial backup accomplished'?

Hello. I created a backup regime on my My Book external drive a while back. I didn’t want the software running all the time, so i disconnected the drive when it was done, with the intention to plug it in for backups from time-to-time.

When I do this though, I’m not sure why it will tell me, for instance 14.91 GB of 14.91 GB copied, and also ‘partial backup accomplished’. I’ll see a little yellow bar on one section of the graphic too.

Has it done what it should have done? Why is it partial?

I am running WD Smartware Version

Hello, you are using an older version of the WD Smartware as the latest version is 2.4.16, I would recommend you to download and install the latest version of the Smartware and see if the same issue occurs.

Hi Lluna.

Unfortunately, that computer isn’t connected to the internet (deliberately), so I only have the software that came with the WD drive. I can change that with fiddling about, but do you know whether the software is actually doing something wrong, or whether it’s OK, and is just being ambiguous about it?


THANKS Lluna ! Although skeptical at first, I downloaded the latest-greatest update, and PRESTO!!..it actually worked. Usually when I do that, things go from bad-to-worse, but not this time. I hold in my hand a Passport Essential SE with an up-to-date BACKUP.
Mark…get the update if you haven’t already done so, it really works.
Thanks again Lluna,
John English