Why do my VIDEO folders show up in my MUSIC section and vise-versa?

i’ve just added my first music folder with some flac and wav files in it, they all play fine, but whey when i select MUSIC, NETWORK SHARES, BRUCE-PC, do my DVD folders show up and when i go to VIDEO, NETWORK, BRUCE-PC all the folders show up again.

my LINDA PERRY (music) shows up in the MUSIC section, but also my DVD and x264 folders with my movies in there, but no playable media.

any ideas?  am i doing something wrong, or is this another so called FEATURE > BUG that might be fixed with the next firmware.

please take it easy on me if it’s been answered or a well known issue, i just got this thing over christmas and am playing around with it.

so far it does what i want it to do, play movies from my PC via hardwired to my router and has worked flawlessly for video watching (iso, mkv, avi) and audio (DTS), so even though there are many unhappy WDTV users in here, i’m actually happy with it so far, i’m just trying to wok out some of the minor bugs/tweaks.  hopefully they keep up with the firmware updates and don’t leave all the WDTV LIVE users and WDTV users hanging if  and when they come out with a new unit.

You are not doing anything wrong. It’s one of the many flaws with WDTV

well that’s a major major bug, and they better fix it soon!

WD hasn’t put any effort into fixing anything else why would they fix that

tisk tisk WD.

for such a big company with an aray of products, you would think they would want to keep us happy and keep us buying there products.  because you know what, i used to be a WD person, so gave the WDTV LIVE a shot (christmas gift) and if it worked out, i’d probably buy the next version of it and perhaps an external drive for it, but if it blows (i’m actually happy with it so far), and they don’t fix the bugs, i’ll be grabbing a popbox or similar next year and selling this one.

anyway, thanks guys for letting me know i wasn’t doing something wrong, it’s a BUG

brucered wrote:

well that’s a major major bug, and they better fix it soon!

Oh i don’t know - i like that it shows everything when I’m in list mode - don’t need no **bleep** device censoring stuff for me.

But i can see it might be annoying if you are in thumbnail mode.

and what if Joe Simple shared a folder called AFRICANSAFARI2007 with pics, videos, music files in it?

shouldnt that shared folder “appear” under Music/Network, Video/Network, and Photos/Network?