Why do I have to rename all my files for Sync?

I’m trying to get this Sync to work on my iMac… Keeps coming back with all these errors… Wants me to rename all these files. Seems to be hanging up on everything. I have yet to get a solid sync of my Documents folder.


Can you share a little bit more about your issue? Probably a screenshot?

When it is syncing, under the Menu icon, it shows Notifications. I click on it and right now it has 24 notification. Says for each one, “Unable to sync” along with the file name. Under Action you can click View. Then says "Filename contains invalid characters. Remove invalid characters to resume syncing. The invalid characters are:

So, I have to go through and change all of my filenames to conform to Windows format?

I gather you never got a satisfactory reply to this post. Have just started up and I have exactly the same problem, with hundreds of files with invalid characters. Any solution? Surely, all Mac users would have this problem.

Yup, no official word. If you want those files to backup, you need to follow Window’s rules for naming files. Very dumb! So, click on every error and fix them. I got it down to no more errors, but I noticed some things still don’t backup for whatever reason.