Why do I have to pay for the WD 2go pro app?

I mainly bought a mybook live for a personal IPad cloud. The apps were advertised as free on the website. But now it seems that I’ll have to pay if I want to get future updates and the full functionality. That is very dissappointing, especially after I already paid not exactly nothing for the hardware.

it costs only $ 2.99! Even for the poor in Russia, where I come, it is very little money. How much does a hamburger you have there?

I myself bought yesterday the program, and do not really understand how it differs from the regular version. Although the ability to store files in the cache and send the link to an email it is probably very necessary:)

Hold off till they add the ability to make a playlist or at the least play continuous files in a folder.  Having to jump back into the app after every song is just silly.