Why do I have to do this?

Why when after I transfer a file from my USB to My Cloud Mirror do I have to down load it again to a location to view it on My cloud? It just doesn’t make sense!! Any help is appreciated!


Have you tried mapping the drive on your computer?

No I have not. I am VERY new to My Cloud and am learning as I go.

Will I lose everything I have transferred over so far by mapping the drive? This problem is sporadic and does not happen with all files. I just transferred some JPG’s over as well and I have to download those as well to see them. They show up on cloud as a dead file but are there when I download them.
Also, I have a a secondary folder which is not a public folder. I am assuming that would be the folder I want to map since that is where all my files are or I am mapping the entire so whatever is on there when I map I will have access to???

Sorry for all the rookie questions!!

Before I try mapping please just touch on the question I posed…will I lose whats there?

Truly appreciate the help!



Mapping the drive does not affect your data.

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I am trying to map the drive but Microsoft Security is asking me for my credentials. I put in my credentials and tells me its invalid. Is there a way to get around this?