Why do I get disconnected only when paused when streaming?

I am having a disconnection problem when streaming.

It occurs if I am using a media server or network share.

It only occurs if the media I am watching is paused.

I can watch for hours on end with no disconnection issues, but if I pause for even 10 minutes, when I come out of the WD screen saver, it says that I have been disconnected.

I feel like I have some sort of keep alive issue when paused.

Any ideas?


Have you tried setting up a static IP?

I have not tried that. I will research how to do that. Should I setup the static ip on the WD player or on the computer where the media is being streamed from, or both?

Can you roughly explain how that would affect my specfic issue of disconnects only when paused?

Just a bump to see if any kind soul could give me a quick explanation as to how setting a static ip would help my specific issue?

After many more hours of testing I never get disconnected while watching but after just a couple of minutes of pausing the media, I get disconnected almost every time.