Why did I buy this thing?

I have been fighting this NAS My Book Pro for 3 weeks and wish I would have just returned the [Deleted] thing.  Thought I could figure it out but it causes more problems than it cures.  Can’t do a network backup/restore (windows 7 home premier), Smartware has screwed up my hard drive (now shows 300Gb more on the hard drive than prior to installation), and now the supposed firmware upgrade has been pulled (was hoping it might cure one of my problems).

Ebay, here it comes!  Let someone else throw it in the trash.  Maybe I can at least get a few bucks back.

I’m sure that installing a software will not increase the capacity on your internal hard drive by 300 Gb  and WD smartware is not bigger than 40 MB  Scan your computer for any possible viruses.

Er, really helpful reply… I have had one of these things and can’t get ti to work at all! Shows up on the network… followed the instructions… 24hrs later my pooter crashed, can’t use iplayer, itunes, internet radio, nuffink! Unless I am doing (or not doing) sumat simple - this baby is going in the BIN!