Why did I buy the hub?

Well I’ve had this for two weeks or so, thought it would be good fun to browse Utube from the comfy couch with a beer in hand and an easy to use remote control…

Im thinking I should just have stuck with my laptop set to not turn off when the lid is closed, connected to the 46" telly and used my usb connected wireless keyboard.

Kinda pissed off to find every second video I click on in utube is content protected.

Only advantage I can see is my wee 4 year old boy can watch wheels on the bus videos without me letting him press buttons on m laptop…he’s still trying to eat the WD remote control though.

I think I’ve been conned, if it had said on the side of the box in PC world you’re unable to watch 75% of utube I’d have put WD’s product back on the rack for some other mug to buy.

Im going to call consumer rights tomorrow, see what the score is.

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And your point is…? I don’t whine at Sony Ericsson because my X10’s YouTube app (Made by GOOGLE, like the OS of the phone) filters the videos I can see as decided by Google based on my device, region and ISP… :dizzy_face: 

Same happens with Netflix, which only plays what you have on your instant queue because it is just an app, just so you know…

If you don’t like it then take it back and then let me know once you find a device with an open YouTube app.

I think most people use the HUB (especially the HUB vis a vis the stream only devices) to view content on the HUB or their computer, and the streaming devices are just extras.  You’re right, if what you want mostly is an easy way to YouTube, it’s not a good choice.  For content that is not protected though, a wireless keyboard makes YouTube over the HUB more palatable. 

Somebody close this whiny-**bleep** thread. The videos you can’t see on YouTube are because the uploader chose for you not to see them. WD has zero control over that. As was said, streaming internet is a side feature, not the main purpose of the device. If you bought it primarily for that then it’s your fault for not doing your homework before purchasing.

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Miami_Son wrote:

The videos you can’t see on YouTube are because the uploader chose for you not to see them.

Yep, that’s pretty much what I meant ^^

You should most likely return the device if you can.  What I don’t understand is, if you only bought for Youtube, why did you get a device with a hard drive?  Anyway, to prevent any further criticisms, I will close this thread.


Sorry, I meant criticisms agains the OP.