Why connect my cloud with afp is much slower then smb?

i use Disk Speed Test to test between afp and smb (makbookpro with OSX 10.10.3 yosemite) AFP: 20mb/s write 38mb/s read SMB: 59mb/s write 65mb/s read i wonder why connect my cloud with afp is much slower then smb?

I don’t have a mac system.  Is there a way to do afp with a windows PC?  But if somebody out there has a mac system and knows how to monitor ethernet traffic they could monitor a session of each file transfer.  This should give insite as to why afp is three times slower.  Also is the afp transfer to other devices or only the My Cloud?


I do not have the tools that rac8006 mentions but I do have a mac (and a PC) and I’m using AFP ever since Rac8006 told me to turn off SMB because of a wake up bug; he has since told me to go back to SMB in another thread but has not answer my reply since I made fun of him.

Actually I stayed with AFP more for the reason that it was able to read my epub directory of over 10,000 entries within a few minutes versus 30-40 minutes on SMB, but yes I did notice that it was slightly slower (60MB/s versus 80MB/s reads as I am on a gigabit wire). My in-exact test was to copy a 800MB movie from the Cloud to my SSD Mac mini desktop. 

So now on to the in-exact answer to “Why AFP is slower than SMB?”

Probably because Apple is now shifting from AFP to SMB2 starting with Mavericks; meaning AFP is now older and less supported. Here is the article regarding this shift…


I also found other interesting workarounds regarding browsing with the various protocols and that is to turn on “Internet Sharing” under “System Preferences” and “Sharing”; which I presume buffers the directories of the various devices that are attached. This will not increase your copying speeds, but might increase your browsing speeds on bringing up directories from the Cloud.

If you are on the latest Cloud firmware, I would suggest you to switch to SMB since they fix the huge directory read problem with the latest firmware; I know that I read that somewhere…

If you need a more technical answer like the number and type of handshakes each one prefers and probably blocksizes etc. hopefully someone that loves to devulge such knowledge will come along and post up.