Why can't my wdtvliveplus see the movies on the wdtvlivesmp

title says it all, over the network the liveplus sees the smp but says folder is empty

Have you rebooted all network-connected devices, incl. modem and router?  Do this, and let us know how it went for you.

Network share is ON. I’ve rebooted the entire network, they can see eachother but nothing in the folders. Between the two drives connected to the smp there are 781 movies. The SMP can see files on the LivePlus but I’m not willing to put my drives in another room where people can mess things up

from wdtv live looking to SMP over lan

Your images are not shown yet, so are you trying to look for movies via Media server or Network Shares?  You need to give more info, such as what kind of movie files are you looking for (ISO) or what?)

Edit:  Your photos are showing now, and it appears you are trying to use Network shares, and they obviously are not working correctly.  You need to fix this – do you know how?  Check the complete user guide or search the knowledge base for “network shares”.