Why can't I see my share in /Volumes on Mac Safari?

Hello, this is my third NAS and it’s the first one that I’ve had so many default configuration problems.

First and foremost, my share (named “iTunes”) shows up in the Finder on my Mac desktop and in my /Volumes directory, but I cannot see it with Safari when I browse to http://localhost/~Todd/Volumes/.

Personal Web Sharing (apache2) is enabled on my Mac and I can browse other NAS volumes just fine with Safari. I’m developing an app where accessing a share on my WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra over my local network is mission-critical. I will rarely ever want to access this device via mycloud.com.

What setup am I missing? I’ve tried enabling WebDAV, NFS and even dropped a blank .htaccess file at the top of my share. But it looks like My Cloud is set up to exclude itself from any directory listings.

Please see these two windows for comparison. The left window is Safari, and the right window is Finder:


I recommend you email WD support for assistance with this issue.

Really? No one knows the answer to this on here? I had it appearing for a week or so, so I know it’s possible. But then it stopping appearing there inexplicably and I lost intranet access.

Update: I got it to appear and remain stable for a couple days. The trick seems to be:

  1. Make sure your share is Public — which is very unsafe. I need my shares to be password-protected.
  2. When the icon shows up in the Finder after a restart, drag it to the Trash and then remount it manually.
  3. Then check /Volumes to see if it appears there. Sometimes it takes a couple tries.
  4. Repeat after every reboot. Fun!