Why cant I open a file with xlsx extension

I am using windows 10 and when I try to open a file on WD that has an xlsx extension by double clicking on file or clicking on download nothing happens

Are you accessing a remote My Cloud or local My Cloud? How are you accessing the My Cloud? Using what program or software? If accessing MyCloud.com what web browser are you using?

No problems where on Windows 10 opening an Excel XLSX file using Windows File Explorer to access the My Cloud. Also no problems opening the XLSX file on a remote My Cloud using WD My Cloud Desktop program. Using MyCloud.com web portal, via Firefox, a double click opens up a download window where I can download the file and open it locally.

I too, have no problem opening these up. I have Windows 10 with all updates and use Office 365. See images below, I just opened this file.

What is your default app for opening xlsx?