Why can't i convert dynamic to basic disk on 3TB hdd?

When i was reinstalling windows…the first was… i did set a hard drive priorities to flash drive…then the setup wasnt gone through…error came up says “windows cannot be installed to this disk”…i wasnt fully aware and i knew that i did something wrong in bios setup about…hard drive that cannot recognize to install in c drive…then i fixed it and it installed…and after finishing windows…when i go to the explorer manger there was no except c drive…other drive was gone!!! i was shocked about my data…got anxious… I opened diskmgr it was dynamic disk…saw a little icon like “invalid”…

I tried to convert to basic but i cant loss my data…i also tried with minitool,aomei partition wizard…nothing but hopeless…my drive is 3TB and minitool says “failed to convert the specified dynamic disk” and aomei says “the disk is greater than 2tb it cannot be converted”

I have 1 ssd 2 hdd…500gb+3tb

Any help please???

Hello Rbk95,

Are you trying to install OS on internal hdd or on external hdd?

External hard drives are used to work as a plug n play external storage device or as a backup drive. I would suggest you to use internal hard drive to installed OS as they are much faster to access when connecting directly to the computer.