Why can't I access some folders?

I set up a folder called private on my 1tb WL edition, gave two users full access to this drive  and was transferring files from one of my networked PC’s to the folder. I also had a bunch of media files on another PC so I thought I would move some files from it to the private drive as well. Well, no matter what I could not access that folder, with any user/pwd combo, including administrator (admin) I kept getting connection refused, and the only way I could access it from the other PC was to make it a public folder.

Is this normal behaviour? can only one user be connected to a non-public folder at one time? 


I am having the same problem.  I have a few different users with different privileges and all the folders that are not “public (full access)” I can not access them through the LAN.  It asks me for login info and it doesn’t matter what user name and password combo I use, it gives me a message saying that basically the user is accessing it already and I need to disconnect that session and try again.

Thanks for posting this, I thought that I was the only one.  I am thinking about calling WD support but it costs money???  WHAT IS THAT