Why can I no longer see my shared folders on DLNA player?

I’ve had a 3TB MyCloud for a couple of years now, I originally bought it to be used in conjuction with my Sonos set up to allow access to my music library without the requriement to have a laptop running.

Since the start of this year I’ve also been watching movies and video files stored on the server from my Sony Bravia television without issue. I was simply able to select the MyCloud under network devices and browse through the folders until I found the file I wanted to access.

Unfortunatly I’m no longer able to do this, the only MyCloud server I see is Twonky server which I’ve never used before. I spent a bit of time this morning getting the Twonky server set up but I really dislike the fact that it lists all available media on one screen, I much prefer the way I used to be able to access files (ie. browsing to the required file).

I’ve spent a fruitless couple of hours trying to find the solution to my problem via Google and these forums but have drawn a blank. I’m fairly certain that it’s something obvious I’m missing but any help would be greatly appreciated.



It’s quite unusual to find a TV that has a genuine network file server access mode (yours might, though: what model is it?), so the chances are that you have been using twonky DLNA up to now… I’d suggest looking to see if your TV has upgraded its firmware.

As for the solution, you might check the ‘Navigation Type’ selected for your TV under Sharing|Media Receivers on the twonky UI pagepage; this determines the ‘views’ that are presented to DLNA clients. One of which is ‘By Folder’.

If you haven’t already seen it, this FAQ might help:


Thanks for the reply. I figured out the problem and as I suspected it was something simple. Sony Bravia TVs (at least the 2014 models) default to display media files in ‘folder-less’ format. This can be changed in an obscure menu setting.


The reason I did not notice this problem before was the last time I accessed media files from my NAS drive in the living room was when I had a Panasonic TV in there. It along with every other media player (Blu-ray, soundbars, etc) I own default to folder view.