Why bother gettign a WD Black drive in a new computer is the Warrenty is Worthless?

Why bother getting a WD Black drive in a new computer is the Warranty is Worthless?

The primary thing Im looking for is reliability having had hard drives fail before and looking for a new computer, a workstation as mine is blown and looking for something for CAD, video editing, 3D animation, Rhino, Solidworks, KeyShot, V-Ray, Maya, Mudbox, Z Brush, 3 D studio Max and more,.

So I have been researching hard drives heavily, and I was a toss up between a raid pair of Seagate Barracuda Pro and Western Digital Black, Blue or Enterprise

Seagate Barracuda Pro came faster in tests but the key selling point of your Black drives was the warantee of reliability of 5 years, But what use is this is it is not applied to OEM hard drives ie when I get a custom computer made up by the likes of PCspecialist.co.uk so it should be more reliable. So why then render the warrantee worthless by saying it does not apply to OEM drives as surely most hard drives will be installed at this time in workstations. What is WD afraid of? Surely if the drives work then the warantee should be valid?

Seagate seems to have a poor record in terms of failed drives but at least it appears to honour their warentee

OEM drives are purchased by computer manufacturers in bulk at a discount. This discount means that the factory warranty is voided out and the manufacturer can impose whatever warranty they wish to use. This means that you would replace the drive though the manufacturer rather than through Western Digital. This is an industry standard.

It does not matter if purchased in bulk at a discount, the consumer is the one who is picking say one of your hard drives in a custom configuration over another. If there is no benefit to gettign one of your ‘premium
’ Black’ hard drives over say some random one of equal size, why bother to pay extra if its still only a 1 year warranty?.

If it says on the site 5 years then 5 year it should be. Especially if we are talkign professional drives for those where hard drive failure could cost £100,000s in edited movie footage or special effects work that took months with the deadline comming up fast. Kinda typical reason for paying extra when configuring a workstation build and paying for the relaibility.

If no five year warranty then why says so and make a big deal about it in your marketing? of how special your drives are and why peopel should get yours over say a seagate, toshiba or some cheap chinese knock off?

You are missing the fact the having a company build the system, you are agreeing to their rules. If you buy directly from us or an authorized reseller of drives, you get the full 5 year warranty. This is the same for Dell, Apple, Toshiba, Lenovo, ect.

So say I could get a system with a 256 ssd, enough to get windows on and then the hdds from you, put it in and neother warrantee is effected, I get your 5 year and their whatever… Also can you clarify what is covered? ie data recovery or just replacement drives. Also are WD Black drives suitable for hard or softwear raid 1

Why not buy it with NO drive in it and put in the drive you want? Most custom builders can give you the Windows install devices (DVD USB or whatever) if you buy with no drive installed.

Here is a link to all our Warranty information.

FYI the warranty does NOT cover data recovery fees. This is an industry standard, not just Western Digital.
All desktop drives will support up to RAID 1 since there is no parity or logic involved. You do not want to use desktop drive in a RAID higher than RAID 1 because they do not TLER (Time Limited Error Response). You would want to use an enterprise level drive for higher RAID setup.