Why aren't my MKV MP4 files playing through the Live Duo on my Panasonic TV

I purchased the MyBook Live Duo in January and have only opened it this weekend as I have moved in my new place and have internet.

I have installed music files and Video files on my Duo… but cannot play the Video MKV or MP4 files, all my videos are in this format and this is why I purchased the Duo.

Can anyone help me to get them to play please :smiley:


Take a look at your TV manual and ensure that those files can be played via DLNA.

Thank you for your advice :smiley:

From what i can find, informationwise, they should play.

I have changed variuos settings, spent all last night playing around and i can still only play my old Xvid/avi films.

Any other help please :smiley:

Not sure if this will help. I have a Sony media player which cannot stream mp4 files from the MBLD. This was also stated in the media player’s manual as a side note. I also have a PS3 and am able to stream both avi and mp4 from the MBLD. This tells me that the MBLD is able to serve mp4 files. I also have other devices that play one or the other. My work around is to have a copy of both formats on the MBLD. It’s a pain to convert but at least I can access any file from any device. You could also search the forum for Panasonic or Samsung. I know some members have had DLNA issues with their TVs. PS, I also have a Sony smart TV which will play some avi and some mp4 so there areother things to take into consideration.