Why are there different color labels for the latest (and same) WD Se Drives?

Can someone please help. I’m seeing WD Se 4TB 3.5in drives (and 5TB drives) with different color labels. According to WD doc, there should be a light blue color at the bottom of the label. But, I’m seeing yellow labels on drives for sale at both ebay and amazon. The drive numbers are correct and match up. Hey WD, why the different labels for the same part number (ex:WD5001F9YZ)?

Labels are often changed when there are product revisions.

Ok. I’m not sure I buy into your response but let’s accept it at face value. I’m trying to put together multiple NAS/RAID systems. I need almost thirty refurbished WD 5TB drives within the next 30 days. . Tell me what the difference is between a Se blue label and a Se yellow one. Model #: WD5001F9YZ. Thanks in advance. jerry

You should be looking at the revision after the base model number rather than labels alone.

WD5001F9YZ-0123 is not the same as WD5001F9YZ-0ABZ. There are internal differences in components, production method, and most importantly, firmware.

As long as all models have the same revision they will be identical units irrespective of the label.