Why are the AD's soooooooooo big

I love the idea, but why are the AD’s for 3rd party apps so huge and intrusive. Is this app meant to improve my experience with WD Drives or is it to sell me software subscriptions?

I wish there was a way to get rid of them, or decrease the size of the ads once I have read them and decided to not purchase them.


Click > to hide the Available Apps.
Instead of the left over blank space, it would be nice if I could import a photo or picture to personalize my WD Discovery experience.

I agree @SBrown, a way to permanently dismiss the “ad”/“offer” would be ideal. In addition, maybe the functionality to bring focus to one particular offer is also needed. There is no weighting of the ads and as such, everything has the same priority. Maybe there’s a limited time offer from one of the partners which gets you a $200 gift card in exchange for downloading the software (unlikely, but possible). One would want focus on this vs being treated same-same.