Why add a software that you cannot remove?

I can understand why you added the bundle software.

Buw how does it make business sense to make it impossible to remove the software from the drive. Why get out of your way to annoy custommers? And why after customer complain, you dont just give us a way to take it out.

Is suspicious, and makes me ask:  What are you hiding?

Since I have no time for speculating, I will be avoiding WD drives with this technology and pass the word of mouth to other people to do the same. If I want a 500GB disk, I want a 500GB disk, not 500GB - 600MB reserved for unknown, unwanted and  suspicious software that I cannot remove.

SmartWare is not installed on the drive.  It installs on your pc.  You can uninstall it at any time.  The VCD is, however, a part of the firmware of the drive, and is necessary to password protect the drive.  If you don’t want to do password protection, you can hide the VCD.  We are sorry if this annoys you.