Who's the Artist?

Hi all

On my MyPassport (HDD version) there’s a sample track in the Sample Media\Music folder entitled “AcousticGuitar”.

Does anyone recognize who the artist is? Or can anyone recommend a guitarist with the same style?

Many thanks.

You might try Shazam’ing it to see if it’s a match to anything…

Thanks Tony, that’s a site I was totally unaware of. I’m unable to do it now but tomorrow I’ll retrieve my tablet, download the app, load up the WD sample track and see what happens. I’ll report the result once done.

Despite playing the track to Shazam multiple times, all I get is “No result - Sorry we didn’t quite catch that”.
I even plugged my headset into the tablet as it has a very sensitive microphone, to ensure that Shazam was hearing the track correctly.
Thanks anyway Tony - it seemed like a good plan.

if it’s an mp3 or mp4, open it with Mp3tag : https://www.videohelp.com/software/Mp3tag

or any tag editor software … and see if the artist is listed in the metadata fields.

Thanks Joey - that gets me a little bit closer. Yes, all the tracks in the Sample Media folder are mp3.
I ran Mp3tag across that folder and it showed a different album image for each track, but unfortunately it didn’t show an artist for any track.
The album for AcousticGuitar is: alt*hits, beneath which it shows: top 40 alternative rock hits:


Mp3tag also showed the year as 2003.

I’ve been googling ‘alternative’, ‘acoustic’, ‘2003’, ‘rock’, ‘guitar’, …etc… for the past hour or so but haven’t yet managed to find any acoustic guitar track. The harder it becomes to nail it, the more determined I am to resolve it, so I’ve a long way to go before I even start to think of giving up hope!!

OK, basically undiscoverable as I see it, so try this album title “Innuendo Out The Other” Album can be played by Amazon Unlimited Music, so likely by Spotify, etc, too. Title cut is the lead in theme for ABC (Oz) radio music show called the Daily Planet.

Hi Mike - or Alfred E look-alike
Sorry for the delayed reply - forced myself to go fishing for a week!

Didn’t Daily Planet get axed a couple years ago as part of the ABC’s funding cutbacks?

Anyway, thanks for the track reference; not really the same style, although I’ve a feeling it’s not dissimilar to one of the other sample tracks.

There’s a series of webinars that I often listen to, and their music for while you sit & twiddle your thumbs waiting for the webinar to start has an acoustic guitar track that is quite similar in style to the WD sample track. Now that I have Shazam I’ll wait for the next webinar in a month or so and see whether that can provide me with any clues.

Have not listened to Daily Planet in a few years, so not surprised if it got axed. Show was not in my US time zone.