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I’d like to understand the issue you are reporting, is this a problem with the WD Backup Software, or, with SD Card / USB Imports?

Can you describe the issue in more details, steps to reproduce would also help our QA department to understand the nature of the issue so we can root cause it and provide a solution.




I am attaching a screen shot from the Storage/SD Card Imports directory on the My Wireless Pro.

There are two issues:

  1. On SanDisk SanDisk_SE128_1 94b07f, notice there are two directories, “PRIVATE” and “DCIM”. The PRIVATE directory is created by my Panasonic AF100 and contains the avchd .mts files created by that camera. The DCIM directory includes the 100OLYMP directory which includes the .mov files created by my Olympus EM5mii. The file size for the card directory is 298.47GB, but the card is only 128GB, so it appears that the contents of two cards have been written to the same directory.

  2. On SDCard SDCard_-1 810700, the drive renamed files with new backup names and new creation dates instead of backing up the newly created files to a new directory. The result is that I have to try and diagnose what happened and why.

Both of these happened while backing up a about 1TB of field recordings during a multi-day shoot. I was not reusing any cards, so each card had a unique serial number. The result is that instead of having a clean archival backup I have a bit of a mess.

If these issues cannot be eliminated, I would like to have an import option for redundant safety backup or clone that does not attempt an incremental backup but simply saves the contents to a new directory, such as cardserialnumberxxx, cardserialnumberxxx_2, cardserialnumberxxx_3, etc. or the same card serial number under a new folder with the new creation date and time.

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I’m very sorry this happened to you, can you send me the LOG from your device so I can attach that to the bug report? You can not attach the log directly to the Forum, so please place it on a Cloud Share (drop box, google drive, etc) and send me the link in a Private Message

Thank you for the image that will help as well. We will look into this issue immediately



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Click on my name ‘jrichard’ and you should see this pop up:

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Apparently was not logged in when trying to respond, sorry… You should have a link to the log now.




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