Who's Participating


Tell us a little about who is participating in this BETA. Keep it light and only share what you want the world to know about yourself.

What does this product do for you? How do you use it in your daily life? What do you do professionally that makes you want to have/use this product?


Hello Everyone, James here from the QA group. I’ve been involved in testing the My Passport Wireless Pro since it first came out. Great little product and I’m very happy to see how it has progressed.

I think the updated FW has really improved the stability of the product. I no longer get random SD Card or USB errors, and having my device NOT go out to lunch on me after going to sleep is GREAT.

I am quite a heavy Media Users, and have loaded my device till it’s 95% full of Movies, Songs and Pictures of my DOGS. This little black box has been a constant companion on long road trips and flights across the planet. It makes a handy Battery filler for my tablet, phone and camera, and I love the way it just slurps up photos from all my connected devices.

I look forward to continued testing and improvements :grinning:


Sam here from Tech Support and I’ve been using two My Passport Wireless Pro devices to host Movies, TV Shows and the gazillion pictures the spouse takes with her iPhone. I’m a Plex fanatic and have 2 and 3 TB units 90% filled to capacity. One travels from home to work (don’t tell the boss I’m watching movies) and is configured to auto connected to local wifi and works like a charm. Both of my units are still exFat. At one point, I’ve streamed movies from (2) PC, (2) iPhone 6s and (2) Roku although the last stream buffered a bit.

I would see a huge performance increase by disabling the 2.4 GHz band, but I have an old Acer that doesn’t support 5 GHz so I must keep both bands active. The kiddos use our old iPhone 5s and connect to My Passport Wireless Pro while traveling in our car to stream their Rated G content.

Overall, I’ve been very happy with My Passport Wireless Pro.


Hi All,
Luke from DAS Product Marketing Team.

I use MPWP primarily when I travel. I have figured out how to sync it to my music library on my My Cloud Pro, so that whenever MPWP is on an internet connected network, it will sync my music library, which I listen to on the PLEX client on my iPhone. I also use it to demo MPWP when i’m at customer meetings or in trade shows etc.

I don’t use it for photos yet (haven’t had a chance to really take that many pictures when i’m out and about) on my DSLR.



This is Jeff Chen - PLM for MPWP. I use this product when I travel to stream videos to my tablet with Plex. I also use it to save some of the office files I have from my computer.


Hi Everyone,

I am Michael, I am an office administrator, I currently use two Passport Pro (2TB) for data transfer of large media files, photoshop files, music, photography, and other misc. documents. I also often times transfer files between my WD My Cloud NAS (24TB, Raid 5 set-up for 18TB accessable storage currently at about 20% of capacity and growing) and the Passports as well.

I will use the Passport Wireless Pro mainly around the house when working on my Surface 4 and when on the go either on travel, on public transportation, or at a cafe etc. The freedom of no cables for data transfer is incredible.




I’m Jeff Donald the Executive Director of the Florida Center for Creative Photography. My usage is most for photography, backing up SD and Compact Flash cards. I’m a heavy Lightroom user and shoot exclusively in Raw, so Raw support is a primary concern of mine.

I use the MPWP with my iPad Pro 12.9. I mostly replaced my MacBook Pro 15 with the iPad Pro and the MPWP is an essential part of the mix. I’m also a former Apple employee and I’m still part of the Apple Beta programs for OSX and iOS. So, I’ll mostly be testing the MPWP on the next version or two of Apples OS’s. I can also test on the latest public version and try to trouble issues that may be iOS related.



Glad to have you in the BETA, if you see any issues or have feature requests, let us know

Beta Team


Hello @Jeff_Donald

Glad to have you on board and testing the latest update for MPWP. Please let us know if you run into any issues with the Apple BETA iOS versions. We would be very interested in getting those root caused and fixed if possible.

Beta Team


Received notification that I could join the Beta. Tried 3 times to manually install the beta per the instructions but no success. Tried the Quick Test which came back clean. This is the error

Invalid firmware package. (370001)

Updating from My Passport Wireless Pro v1.01.11

Downloaded firmware:


From the update.log

updateFirmwareFromFile.sh:11/14/16 19:55:53:upgrade start: /CacheVolume/MyPassportWirelessGen2_1.02.20.bin
updateFirmwareFromFile.sh:11/14/16 19:55:53:check_size=
Error fw_update_status: failed 200 “invalid firmware package”
updateFirmwareFromFile.sh:11/14/16 19:55:57:failed 200 “invalid firmware package”



Thank you for trying the BETA. Can you please go to the Feedback Topic and submit a report with logs. We need the logs to properly diagnose the issue you are having.

Can you also please reboot your My Passport Wireless Pro and try again? We have seen that error in the current FW version as well, and a reboot seems to resolve the issue.

If it does not, then please get the logs right after the failure, then upload them to us so we can quickly fix the issue.



Howdy folks,

My name is Mitch and my day job is in IT, mostly Middleware on *nix platforms with the occasional programming fixes & OS related things. There’s not much need for it there, especially since they enforce encryption on external media. So I bought the MPWP for fun & play. Due to this, I still haven’t used it all that much since there’s the nice pinout for the uart/serial console. :slight_smile:

I do however use the MPW for several things:
1. Quachopter footage - I like to crash but it looks cool sometimes :wink:
2. Use to use my quadchopter camera as a dashcam but since bought a real dashcam. I will be trying to copy from this camera one of these days just so I know if it will work if I was involved in an accident.
3. Copy files off of microSD/SD cards because backups are always good, especially if you’re out in the middle of nowhere…

Well, those are the main things… I do plan on having my MPWP take over all these things except for the quadchopter footage, need the original to have some task… I also plan on testing if the MPWP can pull the video/images off my Theta S (one of those 360 cameras) and then have it always do it if it works. Since I was invited into the beta program, I will start using it and see if there’s any bugs.


Hey everyone. I use MPWP exclusively for Plex.

I have a selection of unwatched movies and TV constantly sync’ing up to my unit. Ideally, when I head out on a trip, I want to be able to unplug the USB the night before I leave and let Plex grab all the data it needs overnight. In theory, I should have 3TB of the latest unwatched Movies and TV that my primary Plex server has.

Really looking forward to the beta. Thanks.


Welcome @BrianAz, glad to have you on the BETA. Have you noticed that PLEX has been updated over the last several weeks? Please let us know if you find any issues with the newer PLEX server.

Beta Team


Hi Everyone,
I’m Gun, I work for automotive industry in Thailand, I currently using MPWP for backing up my family photos and video. I have 3 cameras but normally use 2 at a time (for picture - Olympus or Lumix and for Video - Casio EX-FR100). To be honest, I almost gave up with MPWP since it was so difficult to back up the Micro SD card(by using SD card adapter) from my Casio because it just fail to backup 90% of the time I have to reboot MPWP several times until it start to backing up (and sometime it only create the folder with nothing inside and stop and I have to delete the folder and try again).

I downloaded the beta version and tried yesterday looks very promising. I will test it again this weekend and if there is any issue I will give a feedback.



Smoothbassman here,

Manufacturing Manager for Arconic,

I started with the Passport Wireless, and it worked solidly to provide hotpot access in hotels when I traveled to all of my devices. The SD card function didnt work that well and the streaming was slow.

That all changed with the Wireless Pro.

Much better performance. I primarily use it to offload SD cards from my GoPros, and stream video content to the kids in the truck when we are on trips. It’s fast and easy to use. I have a 2TB version and it’s filling up fast. Will have to dump some of the content down to keep my space freed up on it.

I hate the Wireless SSID timeout feature. I have to restart the device to get it hooked up to new devices. A huge pain. I like to leave the device in the hotel so when I get back my phone automatically switches to that Wifi. Well since its not broadcasting I can’t do that. I saw that the beta changes that. Looking forward to trying it.


Welcome to the BETA

@Gunyamate – There have been many improvements made to SD and USB import functions, we look forward to your feedback.

@Smoothbassman – After you have installed the BETA FW, please go to the Web Dashboard for your MPWP, and verify that the Wi-Fi Inactivity Settings are correct. Attach your PC directly to the MPWP Wi-Fi (not through a home network) Then, launch the Web Dashboard, go to the Wi-Fi tab, click on the Edit button in the middle panel, in the Access Point Settings, click on Advanced. then verify that the Wi-Fi Inactivity setting is set to NEVER.

That will ensure that the MPWP will always be broadcasting it’s SSID so you can auto-reconnect to it when your devices are within range of each other.



@jrichard that tip you gave works great. No issues reconnecting to Wifi now. The SSID is always on now!!


Greetings everyone,

I’m Chris and I use the My Wirelesss Pro in the field and at home to do an initial backup of SD cards containing video and photos for clients. I have a 3TB version which is getting full, and honestly stopped using it when it started behaving unpredictably. I learned from reading the DPReview article that the drive was doing incremental backups, which somehow I missed reading in the manual or with two lengthy interactions with WD tech support - it might be nice to be able to select that as an option or not.

The drive still seems to have some erratic behavior, especially if you leave a copied disk on the drive, reuse the disk, and try to make a new copy with the new material. I have one directory where it took the old files, renamed them as backup files with new creation dates, and wrote the new files into the same directory. I’ve also had an experience where it copied two different cards into the same directory - wondering if it is possible two cards might have the same serial number?

I was hoping that it would provide a reliable and safe backup in the field, and until I get the cards individually archived, but unfortunately so far it has not been reliable enough to do that. Hoping the new firmware will address some of these issues, and I’d be interested to hear if others are experiencing anything similar.

I don’t have unlimited time to sort through beta firmware issues with every product I buy, but this one looks promising enough that I would like to get it working!



Well, I thank everyone for participating, NOW we just need these same people to take the Survey please: Beta Tester Survey - Please complete by 12/17/16