Who knows the last firmware which supports "full page" moviesheets

   Frankly, I’ve given up on chasing the latest releases for a few new features I don’t care about. As a media player, it is very stable, but I want the HD audio provided by MOST of the other brands (Dune, Mede8tor, PCH, etc.). So rather than putting the thing out in the trash, maybe I"ll put in the bedroom.

   While I certainly appreciate all the efforts of our themers, I have little use (Now) for the fabulous themes I’ve collected since I bought the unit. My living room has a Dune and a Mede8tor (both of which support HD audio and BD lite). So, I’m looking to simplify my library duties. Thumgen makes nice work of provding great moviesheets for me. Now, I need to find firmware to support moviename.jpg sheets with reasonable stability.


   Any themer opinions ?

To Answer the Topic Headline … Who knows the last firmware which supports “full page” moviesheets.


All of them … when using “Linksheets”   (Later Firmwares are faster displaying them though)


Second Question: I need to find firmware to support moviename.jpg sheets


Nope, sorry … moviename.jpg is reserved for “Thumbnails”

   Thanks Joey for your reply. There have been quite a few “tricks” over the last couple years and firmware versions. As a matter of fact, you held on to V 2 for quite a long time to keep your methods from getting broken long before “linksheets” were discovered.

   There was a trick back in extremedigital’s time where folder.jpg was enough to serve the outside of “movie” directory image requirement, moviename.jpg served as a movie sheet. This method was broken by firmware revision. Then there was the .background directory method using an xml revision pointing to a single backgroud jpg that was the moviesheet. I’m not so excited about the linksheet method as I have 3 2tb drives full of movies and don’t want to have do all the batch file and new thumbgen work. By the way, if I go back and implement linksheet, would that also work with an SMP player?

yeah the current implementation is not for everybody

but just wait, eventually, WDLXTV will get the actual linksheets script up and running

then nobody will need to rename or move the sheets

we’ll do it all for you at boot time, via some automagic :wink:

Thanks KAD79.